Our Charity Partners | Haven House

Ever wonder what charities works with Helping Women Period? Ever think “Hey, who gives the products to the women who need them?”   Well, you’re in luck!

Meet our Charity Partners!

The Haven House is family homeless shelter that helps families stabilize and find affordable housing. As a motto, they focus on “helping Lansing area families help themselves.” This organization works with families for short term housing, finding long-term housing, and providing supplies along this journey. These materials the Haven House provides families include pads and tampons that they receive from Helping Women Period. By providing products for women, Haven House can focus money in other areas for housing rehabilitation. Helping Women Period loves working with the Haven House to see the direct impact that providing pads and tampons has for families in short-term housing. Thank you to Haven House for the so so important work that happens there every day and by taking charge of the hygiene of women regardless of socioeconomic status!

If you want to donate household items and supplies to the Haven House, check out their website. They update it regularly and are always looking for supplies, especially under the “urgent needs” tab on the site.

Visit their website here!