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The distribution and subsequent availability of menstrual health products is a just one of the many issues related to menstrual equity that Helping Women Period supports.  Please find resources below regarding international, national and local organizations, articles, and other resources on the subject.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  Check back for additional updates and new categories to address menstrual health in regards to the transgender population, immigrant/refugee population, the homeless and other related topics.


Around the world, on any given day, more than 800 million people are menstruating.  And at least five million of those lack adequate resources-including supplies, education, and facilities-for managing their periods. (1)

(1) 25 Years:  Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water (UNICEF) 


In our own country, we have some work to do.  Menstrual health products are ineligible for purchases made with public benefits (WIC or SNAP), they are not readily available in our public spaces such as schools, workplaces or government buildings, not exempt from sales tax, and not available in shelters, crisis centers, jails or prisons.  However, progress is being made on a variety of fronts.


Helping Women Period is not the only organization or group focusing on providing menstrual health products to people.  Please see the other organizations below and be sure to remain informed on current legislation impacting sales tax on these products.


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Helping Women Period is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, committed to supplying menstrual health products to people that menstruate who are either homeless or low-income. With your donation, we can buy in bulk. Any donation amount is appreciated and goes a long way to purchasing products.