Haslett Girl Scout Troop – Be Prepared….to count lots of product!

Thank you to Haslett Girl Scout Troop #30292 for choosing HWP as their Silver Award project.  We have received countless hours of service from this organization and we are so grateful.  Most recently, the ladies met us at the storage unit and counted over 9000 products (recently donated from an MSU student group).  This process takes such a long time for 1-2 people.  But, many hands made light work!  The young women fully explored the extended motto, ” “A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency.”

They are absolutely “knowing how to do the job” from counting product to delivering it directly to those in need.  Thank you, ladies and their adult leaders who support their efforts!



MSU Student Group Donation

Thank you to the College of Natural Science, Professor Gabe Ording and the students of STOMP (Students Taking On Malaria and Poverty) for their incredible donation of pads and tampons.  STOMP’s mission is to take a stand against the impact of poverty and malaria in African nations through the empowerment of women and children’s education and agency.   This is the second time the group has made a substantial donation to Helping Women Period.  If anyone is interested in meeting us at the storage unit to sort and count, email us at helpingwomenperiod@gmail.org and Amy will bring the coffee!




Corporate Donation of Product Received

Picture This Pallet x 3

Thanks to the incredible corporate program of Hospeco, Period Partner, our organization received a donation of 55 cases of product to benefit the people in our community.   Period Partner provides countless non-profits, schools, and other organizations free product.

This donation included:

5 cases of tampons

10 cases of wipes

15 cases of liners

25 cases of pads

For our organization, that represents a savings of over $2000 that we can now spend reaching even more people who menstruate. Or, in more human terms, for every $2000 we spend, approximately 57 people who get a YEAR supply of products.  You can see our story on their website.

Please consider following them on Facebook to learn more about this amazing corporate citizen and their program, Period Partner!

Menstrual Health Education Training

Would You Like to Add Menstrual Health Education to your Programming?

“Be a Rose” partners with organizations to provide underserved women and school-age girls education on puberty, menstrual hygiene, and menopause, as well as access to feminine hygiene products. They administer roundtable discussions, seminars, and training workshops for groups and organizations to guide conversations on women’s health and hygiene with dignity and sensitivity. 

R.O.S.E (Reclaiming Our Self Esteem) workshops create a safe space for women to learn and share their experience. Trained educators facilitate these conversations, providing information and introducing participants to a variety of feminine hygiene products to manage their period. They focus on sustainable, eco-friendly options such as menstrual cups and cloth pads, in order to foster more long-term menstrual support.

Topics covered at these workshops, which may vary based on audience needs, include:

  • Female reproductive system
  • Menstruation management (feminine hygiene products)
  • Puberty
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy and postpartum care
  • Overcoming social and cultural barriers

Learn More

To learn more about her programs, please either view the documents below or email her at:  info@bearose.org

Model One – BAR Women’s Health Speaker Contract

Model Two – BAR Women’s Health In-House Trainer Certification Contract

Communications/PR Volunteer

Position Summary:

This volunteer opportunity will provide exposure to many aspects of integrated marketing with a primary focus on marketing strategy, social media, graphic design, and content creation.  If upon reading the description you are interested, please email us at helpingwomenperiod@gmail.com

The Details

As an HWP volunteer, you will approach our organization just as you would with any fairly new and quickly growing organization.  First, assess our current marketing activities.  Next, tell us what we are doing well and where we should head next by developing a communications/pr plan tailored to meet our organizational goals.  Then, our team (that means you as well) will divide and conquer by completing the goals set out in the plan.  This will include, but not limited to:

  • Increase donor engagement (and donations) by planning, writing and editing content across social media, website, and e-newsletter
  • Support fundraising and development goals by producing an annual report, corporate sponsorship materials and other targeted content for the business community
  • Increase media exposure by defining comprehensive media contact list and press release schedule
  • Support the successful execution of two primary fundraising special events

What You Can Expect From Us

  • To be treated like a professional, while understanding you are a student learning the ropes
  • Mentorship from both Executive Directors with the intention of preparing you for the expectations of the professional world post-graduation
  • Access to board meetings and speaking engagements
  • Clear objectives, role descriptions, and conveyance of specific deadlines
  • Weekly (brief) meetings at the East Lansing Marriott (across from The Riv) to lend support, direction, and resources as needed with co-Executive Director, Amy Stephenson
  • Support from 1-2 additional professional marketing and public relations volunteers

Minimum Requirements:

  • Extremely detail oriented with strong attention to follow-through
  • Strong writing skills
  • Communicate effectively in both written and verbal form
  • Flexible in work functions and duties
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Exceptional time-management skills
  • Strong teamwork skills
  • PC proficiency and strong skills in MS Office Suite essential
  • Knowledge of other tools helpful, to include:  Hootsuite, WordPress, InDesign, Canva, Google Analytics, and Facebook Admin Module


Meet Our Newest Board Member

Helping Women Period, Inc. is proud to announce their newest board member, Dr. Anne Hornak.  Dr. Hornak is currently a Professor at Central Michigan University in the Department of Educational Leadership. The coursework she teaches in regards to ethics, social justice, and student development theory align and strengthen Helping Women’s Period’s focus on menstrual education and equity. In addition, Anne will be leading strategic fundraising and development efforts on behalf of this growing organization. “With the addition of Dr. Hornak to our board, it will allow us to transition from a “startup” operational culture into a more sustainable, strategic organization. And, allow us to fulfill our focus on menstrual education outreach, designed to supplement our product distribution efforts.”, said Amy Stephenson, co-executive director.

Please join us in welcoming Anne and look for her at upcoming product distributions and other events.

Why Periods Are Political – The NPR/1A Interview

Listen to author Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and other experts weigh in on the topic of “menstrual equity” and what it means to you, our economy, and our culture.   Guests include:  Jennifer Weiss-Wolf A lawyer and vice president for the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School; author of “Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity”; Cory Booker U.S. senator, New Jersey (D); former mayor of Newark; Marni Sommer Associate professor of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health; executive director of Grow and Know, a non-profit that develops puberty books for girls and boys in poor countries.