Helping Women Period Hits Major 2023 Milestone: Delivery of 1 Million Period Products


The Lansing-based nonprofit has also donated over 250 reusable products, such as menstrual cups, while setting up vending machines dispensing free products

Just six months into the year, Helping Women Period hit a major milestone — the delivery of 1 million period products to counties around Michigan.


“Hitting the 1 million mark halfway into 2023 is another sign that Helping Women Period’s impact continues to scale,” Executive Director Lysne Tait said. “In 2022, Helping Women Period delivered 1.14 million products over 12 months. It’s exciting to celebrate this achievement, and it’s also humbling to reflect on what this milestone means about the dedication and enthusiasm of our donors, volunteers and partner organizations.”


Helping Women Period works to end period poverty through product distribution, community education, and legislative advocacy. The 1 million products delivered this year translates to more than 42,000 periods covered, and 1,300 months of incontinence protection. So far this year, Helping Women Period has also distributed over 250 reusable products — for example, menstrual cups and period underwear — and set up three vending machines that dispense period products for free.


“A nonprofit that began after a conversation between two friends in Lansing has now provided support in 42 counties across Michigan,” Tait said. “If there is one message I want to resonate about this 1 million mark, it’s that when we work together, accomplishments that seem too out of reach are possible. Yet everyone should remember the level of need that exists in our communities, if we were able to reach this milestone this quickly — the fight against period poverty must not let up.”


Helping Women Period is currently working to ensure that the Helping Women Period Pilot Project is included in the state budget. The program would provide products to eligible students from three districts in Wayne County, one in Eaton County, one in Grand Traverse County, one in Kent County, one in Macomb County and one in Marquette County. If included in the final budget, the Helping Women Period Pilot Project would provide free menstrual products to students in the selected districts who receive free or reduced lunch.



Helping Women Period aims to ensure that no individual lives without access to adequate menstrual healthcare – period.  Featured in media outlets including Teen Vogue and Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, Helping Women Period works to end period poverty through partnerships, advocacy, donations and education. The nonprofit organization serving 42 Michigan counties (and counting) distributed 1.14 million products in 2022 alone. For more information, go to