Our Founders

Lysne Tait

Lysne is a key reason that Helping Women Period has come to fruition and not just another well-intentioned idea.

Late on a cold January night, Lysne read a Huffington Post article  about homeless women’s lack of feminine hygiene products. Concerned about the difficulty homeless women face, she commented and reposted it.  Amy Stephenson, a friend of Lysne’s and HWP’s other Co-Founder, commented on the article and they started discussing how they could help.  Together, they conceived a one-time fundraising breakfast which would allow them to buy a few cases of product and give it to a local homeless shelter.  The overwhelming response to that breakfast led them to form the non-profit and seek 501c3 status.  Eighteen months later, that one time event has become a huge part of their daily lives, and currently serves over 65 local charities and 16 schools.

If you ask Lysne what she does for a living, she’ll say she’s a professional volunteer.  Her experience helping other non-profit organizations like the Firecracker Foundation and the  DeWitt District Library is a tremendous benefit to Helping Women Period.  Not only is Lysne well versed in the operations of a non-profit, she knows that volunteers are the backbone of any organization like HWP and strives to ensure their experience is meaningful.  Her experience with technology, social media, event planning, fund development, and goal setting are integral to the success of Helping Women Period.

Lysne believes strongly that filling the basic need of menstrual hygiene products for homeless and low income people is one key step in helping them become more self-sufficient. She helped start HWP because it was the right thing to do.  Thank you,  Lysne, for all of your amazing work.

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Amy Stephenson

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After seeing a post on Facebook by Huffington Post highlighting the lack of feminine hygiene products for homeless women, Amy Stephenson did what many people dream of- she and Lysne Tait created a unique organization that caters specifically to this demographic: Helping Women Period. Amy uses communications, business management, event planning, marketing and many more fields of experience from her professional life to keep HWP alive and flourishing. Her strongest motivation for creating and supporting HWP is the people she serves. She believes that no “daughter, sister, mother or friend somewhere [needs to] suffer the indignity of not having a pad or tampon when they need it.”

This important statement echoes through the heart of the organization and is reflected in the volunteers efforts. Without the vital contributions of volunteers, as Amy says, none of the work that HWP dreams of could come true. From giving time at product drives, to helping sew bags, to donating products or money to the cause, volunteers help make differences in the lives of many women in Michigan.  Amy saw that there was a gap in what charities had access to for womens’ needs and created an organization to give them “a greater shot at self-sufficiency.” Her inspiration and dedication for HWP can be seen by anyone – at events networking, picking up ditty bags and products from numerous locations, or just meeting with someone over a cup of coffee (her main vice) to talk passionately about HWP. She also serves as the Marketing Director of Willingham & Cote PC, a multi-practice law firm in East Lansing.

Make A Donation

Helping Women Period is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, committed to supplying menstrual health products to people that menstruate who are either homeless or low-income. With your donation, we can buy in bulk quantities. Any donation amount is appreciated and a little goes a long way to purchasing products.

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