School Outreach Initiative

Schools in Michigan lack something that Helping Women Period wants to address: a supply of feminine hygiene products readily available for young women.

As of right now, Michigan schools are not required to provide feminine hygiene products to students who either need them in a pinch or cannot afford the cost of buying pads and tampons. And in these cases, often teachers pay out of their own pockets to make students more comfortable and able to focus on their education.

Let’s face it. Having your period while in school was the worst.   It can be embarrassing to ask your teacher, an office administrator or some other school official for products.

Over 40 educational institutions were contacted in early September to provide staff the opportunity to partner with HWP and receive donations throughout the school year.  At this time, 15 schools have requested to receive items and many more are expected to trickle in throughout the school year.  In the few weeks since the initiative was implemented, HWP has distributed over 4700 tampons, 6800 pads, and 2800 liners to area schools.

Are you a school in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, or Shiawassee county in need of product? Please contact us at  We would love to help you out!

As always, check out our website to find updates on future events, ways to help, and contact information!