#GivingTuesday: 15 for 15


Do you recall what it was like to be 15 and start your period at school (or 12 for that matter)? Raising your hand in class, walking down the hallway, and totally forgetting what you were just learning?

HWP has launched its annual #GivingTuesday campaign, focused on raising funds to install 15 free vending machines in area schools. Thus, “15 for 15”.

Please consider donating what works for your budget, starting at $35.00. The link is below. For every $300 raised, we can purchase the dispenser and a semester worth of product. Follow our Facebook page to see your donations at work as they are installed throughout 2019.





MSU Student Group Donation

Thank you to the College of Natural Science, Professor Gabe Ording and the students of STOMP (Students Taking On Malaria and Poverty) for their incredible donation of pads and tampons.  STOMP’s mission is to take a stand against the impact of poverty and malaria in African nations through the empowerment of women and children’s education and agency.   This is the second time the group has made a substantial donation to Helping Women Period.  If anyone is interested in meeting us at the storage unit to sort and count, email us at helpingwomenperiod@gmail.org and Amy will bring the coffee!